2-Day Summit Offers Insights and Networking

The 2021 edition of the Global Sustainability Summit was a 2-Day Summit, focusing on all sectors of the footwear industry.  It was a get-together of stakeholders and experts, as well as pioneers in the sustainability and regenerative fields. This year, Luigi Grosso – Founder of Euro Brand Management GmbH a Certified B Corp was one of the panellists invited to take part in the event.

A series of follow-up events took place, such as workshops and panel discussions. The summit was designed for participants to gain innovative insights into the latest industry trends, sustainable solutions, opportunities, transparency, and traceability and more. Various initiatives incorporated sustainable and regenerative practices specifically for the global footwear brands and manufacturers in their global supply chains.


GFSS 2021 is not merely an event that offers insights exchange, it also offered networking opportunities to attendees. At GFSS 2021, there were virtual mingling sessions throughout the 2-Day Summit focusing on 7 industry pillars.  During the sessions, participants were able to communicate, share business cards, ask questions, and discuss cutting edge business ideas and concepts.

GFSS 2021 was designed to be accessible to a global audience. This year, the summit was held virtually in an innovative new format.

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