1,55Mt CO2 Reduction for Every Million Pairs

Euro Brand Management GmbH

Euro Brand Management (EBM) introduced to Puma a packaging initiative that will reduce 10K tons of CO2 for every million pairs of shoes.

Two years ago, EBM introduced an alternate printing method and of course utilizes uses FSC® sourced mix paper made of a minimum of post-consumer recycled and virgin fibers maintaining strength and visual appearance. FSC® Mix paper was already introduced a number of years ago at Puma. This printing method reduces the amount of paper utilized for each box by 16% and also reduces the output of energy, water and of course the number of trees harvested.

This is part of Puma’s comprehensive mission to become one of the most desirable sport, lifestyle and performance footwear companies.

EBM is continuing to find sustainable and innovative solutions that no longer deplete resources and will offset its “paw print” where further mitigation is not possible.

Once this new packaging production method is rolled out globally, in one year Puma will reduce their C02 emissions by approximately 1,355 MT. Also, 37,800 less trees will be harvested from FSC® Certified Forests.