EBM Scores 101.4 on 3rd B-Corp Impact Assessment

Euro Brand Management GmbH joined the B Corp community early on, back in 2015. When we started our B Corp journey, our team set the goal of reaching a B Corp score of 100 points (out of 200) by 2022. During 2014’ and 2015’ our first assessment results reached 82 points.  We had to do a lot of work to engage in a long-term continuous improvement plan to achieve our set goal. Now, in 2022, we are not only proud to have reached a B Corp score of 101,4 points but also to be able to inspire and teach our partners and customers in our daily activities. Many of our customers are also Certified B Corps which makes our mission much easier to make happen.


At Euro Brand Management, we are committed to the same mission as over 1,000 B Corps in Europe and over 5,700 B Corps worldwide: Using Business As a Force For Good™. We fully recognize the principle that if companies are the problem and the source of the issues, they are also responsible for being part of the solution! We believe that our brands and partners have an essential role to play in reducing their environmental impact.


We are more than 1,000 B Corps in Europe! The B movement has been long time associated with the United States as it originated there in 2007’.  This milestone proves that the European business community has begun to adopt a more sustainable approach. There are many iconic and committed impact businesses that are using the assessment to guide their impact results and, at the same time, transforming their entire organization and mission to a circular purpose. B Corps support a holistic approach and seek to be better for the world, not the best in the world.


Many of our customers are curious about the B Corp Movement. They’re aware that the certification can be a powerful instrument in guiding the sustainable and profitable missions of their global organizations.

Euro Brand Management GmbH