Euro Brand Management Partner With Goodwings

Euro Brand Management GmbH

Goodwings is a purpose-driven hotel booking site that makes it easy and free for you and your company. Goodwings redirect at least a third of every booking commission to organizations who use it to fund its projects. Your company chooses the organization it would like to donate to.  This is all at no extra cost to your company. You just help make the world a better place.

For example: We are working to fight the growing amounts of plastic in the oceans and in the environment. Every year 10 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans and the amount is increasing. Through the food chain, the plastic and its chemicals reach our dinner tables and is a direct threat to the well-being of animals and humans.

Goodwings offers an easy way for companies to have a measurable impact. They have rehumanized the hotel booking experience. Amy King, Co-founder

Goodwings allows us to contribute a portion of our hotel bookings commission to the cause of our choice. We have chosen B Lab® for our donations. L. Grosso, Managing Director

Euro Brand Management GmbH