EBM Partners with Dextrous Packaging

Euro Brand Management GmbH

Dextrous was nominated as supplier of outer cartons for Geox footwear packing and loading for all Indian footwear factories.

Riccardo Neri, Sustainability Project Manager at EBM visited Dextrous, two flexo packaging facilities and all Geox footwear suppliers in December 2019. He was welcomed by the two company directors Harkanwal Jeet Sing and Suresh Chand Pandey.

Dextrous provides packaging and engineering solutions that challenge conventional designs for a sustainable future. Dextrous is one of the leaders in the Indian market of fiber based and recycled plastic packaging materials.

Through this initiative Geox will reduce CO2 freight emissions, increase footwear container loading and decrease total outercarton paper consumption by 25%.

Image (from left to right): Mr. Harkanwal Jeet Sing, sig. Ricardo Neri, Mr. Suresh Chand Pandey, sig. Riccardo Neri planting a tree at Wadpack Pvt. Ltd.

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