Geox Respira

Euro Brand Management GmbH

During the last two years, the design engineers at Millennium Printing have been working with the Geox senior marketing and sourcing management teams in order to design, test and deliver a Junior Packaging Program that would reduce the companies CO2 emissions and costs. After numerous different rounds of prototype designs, which included various material combinations and weights and construction methods, they came up with the perfect balance between strength, functionality and consumer preference. They perfected a product that would only deliver peak efficiency and functionality and obtain the highest levels of measurable and effective sustainability.

In addition to providing significant reductions in paper consumption, the printing and finish use only water and soy based inks and varnishes. This junior packaging program avoids the destruction of 9,000 trees and uses 5,000,000 less liters of water annually. In addition, it saves 58,000 liters of oil and 750K Kwh of electricity per year.

Congratulations to the Geox and Millennium teams for their dedication and perseverance towards a better planet! 

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