Our Mission

Our Mission As practitioners and enthusiasts of sustainability for many years, we at EBM are faced with countless strategic risks in our daily duties and within the organizations with whom

Design without compromise! At Monaco Ducks, the sneaker uppers are made from recycled Loden wool which is 100% sustainable! It is the oldest material in the world and due to

One more reason for our planet to smile! The new Munjoi footwear box engineered by Euro Brand Management GmbH has been tested and certified Frustration-Free Packaging by Amazon. What does

We Must Act Now

We Must Act Now Our goal is the happiness of all who are part of our mission. We all have a social responsibility for motivating and committing to prosperous economic

How to Understand and Reduce Logistic Disruption Cost Many factors have contributed significant increases in transportation costs over the last year, reaching highs far in excess of long-term sustainable levels.

Certified CO2 Neutral

Certified CO2 Neutral Euro Brand Management GmbH (EBM) in Grünwald, Germany has been certified as CO2 neutral for its office and organization by ClimatePartner, an organization which supports companies in

Biodegradable vs Compostable

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Euro Brand Management GmbH Many of our customers and consumers are a bit confused by the wide variety of products that claim to be either compostable or


ALL-TIME FUN STARTS NOW Euro Brand Management GmbH by Brechje Nice that you are here again and read this blog! This week was packed with FUN and because its exactly one

EBM: da Monaco di Baviera a Limestre Euro Brand Management GmbH Fra i sostenitori aziendali di Dynamo Camp ce n’è uno molto speciale, una società gestita da un imprenditore di