EBM Partners with Dextrous Packaging Euro Brand Management GmbH Dextrous was nominated as supplier of outer cartons for Geox footwear packing and loading for all Indian footwear factories. Riccardo Neri,

METRO Replaces Plastic With FSC® Compostable Paper! Euro Brand Management GmbH The shelves for all herbal produce in Metro Munich are “greener”. Working towards the goal of zero deforestation the

CLIMATE CHANGE CAN NO LONGER BE DENIED, WE MUST ACT NOW! Euro Brand Management GmbH The famous Italian brand Lotto acknowledges that humanity is now standing at a crossroads.The world

GEOX Shipping Boxes Reengineered Euro Brand Management GmbH Italian footwear brand GEOX in collaboration with Euro Brand Management have worked together to reengineer its shipping outer cartons. This will result

Euro Brand Management Partner With Goodwings Euro Brand Management GmbH Goodwings is a purpose-driven hotel booking site that makes it easy and free for you and your company. Goodwings redirect


GEOX and FSC® Euro Brand Management GmbH In 2020, most of the Geox packaging materials including footwear packaging, hang tags and brochures will be made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)

EBM and ClimatePartner Strategic Alliance  Euro Brand Management GmbH Euro Brand Management GmbH (EBM) has formed a strategic alliance with ClimatePartner GmbH of Munich. ClimatePartner GmbH is one of the

1,55Mt CO2 Reduction for Every Million Pairs Euro Brand Management GmbH Euro Brand Management (EBM) introduced to Puma a packaging initiative that will reduce 10K tons of CO2 for every

Sustainable Packaging VIVOBAREFOOT Euro Brand Management GmbH In 2016, Euro Brand Management was given the responsibility to reengineer VIBOBAREFOOT’s packaging. EBM developed packaging that is in line with Vivobarefoot’s philosophy