We at Euro Brand Management believe that we should be thinking about packaging as a living part of the products we purchase and use. Our expectations will change if we take a more nuanced view. Mimicking nature in design and materials is EBM’s aspirational and operative goal of circularity. Like nature, products should be designed to produce a net-zero or net positive impact on our planet over their lifecycle. Humans are the only species on the planet that take more from the environment than they return. Our company makes every effort to create production systems and products that make the world a better place. Every step of our due diligence reveals areas that go far beyond certifications, compliances, and reutilization practices.
We praise our partners, customers, and plants that are becoming more aware of the impact of the regenerative initiatives they are making and implementing positive steps toward regenerative and circular projects. There are, however, urgent issues that result in catastrophic changes having devastating impacts on humankind and the environment. We need to redesign product and service processes to pull carbon from the air and produce additional positive impacts.