METRO Replaces Plastic With FSC® Compostable Paper!

Euro Brand Management GmbH

The shelves for all herbal produce in Metro Munich are “greener”. Working towards the goal of zero deforestation the retail giant Metro replaced the plastic base with FSC® Certified paper on all its fresh herb products. One of the drivers of climate change is deforestation – the loss of natural forest and vegetation as a result of conversion to agriculture or other non-forest land use for instance. Deforestation is mainly
driven by production of soy, palm, cattle and paper/wood.

METRO Cash & Carry is committed to promoting sustainable forestry and continuously seeks to optimize the purchasing process in order to ensure that it only purchases wood and paper products originating from legal and more sustainable sources. Our target is to ensure that 100% of its own-brand products in which wood or wood fibre accounts for more than 50% of the finished product (in terms of weight) originate from legal and responsibly managed forests by the end of 2020.

METRO is a member of the world’s largest initiative for corporate social responsibility – the UN Global Compact. As part of this network, the company works on improving the handling of risks and opportunities in the field of sustainable business management. Here, members share practices across the world and across all industries with more than 13,000 companies from 161 countries.



Euro Brand Management GmbH