As practitioners and enthusiasts of sustainability for many years, we at EBM are faced with countless strategic risks in our daily duties and within the organizations with whom we work. To properly manage those risks and build a strong stable plan for sustainable growth, we need balanced and effective approaches to integrate the four pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, economic, and institutional dimensions.  Presently we are in a situation where climate change is an existential risk to our future economies and way of life. Governments have been championing legislation and agreements towards the curtailment of climate change as well as adaptation to climate change, however this “Quick Fix” is not what is going to create the mass reduction and removal of emissions so many desire. Technological breakthroughs which, due to the pandemic, will limit only a small part of CO2 emissions. This will help in the fight; however, we strongly believe that it will be the impact driven companies and organizations that are purpose powered rather than principally profit and return motivated that will really make the difference for the next 50 years. 

Take for example “fossil fuel long term investments” which have dropped out of vogue for large individual and institutional investors – why?  We believe impact investing in materials that are made from renewable resources as well as recyclable – a circular bioeconomy – to combat global warming and minimize waste are going to become the norm.  

We believe the WTO (World Trade Organization) should become the WSA (World Sustainability Organization) to include the SGDs as its guiding values. 

At EBM we have adopted a straightforward and steering principle of passion for the environment which is led by sustainability principles of what we do, why and for whom. If it is not leading to a long-term benefit for the environment, we will not invest.

Social Responsibility

Our goal is the happiness of all who are part of our mission. We all have a social responsibility for motivating and committing to prosperous holistic economic activities and sustainable actions and initiatives are at the core of our people and mission. Our generation is demanding a change and these Millennials will constitute half of the European work force by 2025 and  be the key consumer group in the coming decades which is the principal group we are working for.   


We believe humanity has an extraordinary opportunity ahead of it to evolve and create lasting and shared prosperity. We clearly see new ways of traceability and transparency and a future where consuming is no longer synonymous with destroying. These millennials value products and brands that have a purpose and preservation of an all-encompassing viewpoint from an entire company whatever the industry.

Purpose Driven

This generation are given to regain our balance with natural systems while renewing trust in society through visions of sustainable innovation. Courageous companies like B Corps are made up of visionary and purpose driven people deeply focused on our common future.

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