Today we have become the greatest threat to the health of our planet. We’re the first generation to know what we’re doing, and the last who have a chance to put things right.

We humans face many different challenges. But none of them will occupy our attention in the next 50 years as much as our relationship with our planet. The biggest question of  our species history is now facing us: How do we create a future in which both Humans and Nature can thrive?

Business…the same force that powered the last period of global change can also power the next.

EBM believes that we can restore the balance of nature, fix the relationship between our planet and our business and change the way we live on our planet for the better.

A Reason For Hope

Suddenly, saving our planet is within reach. We’ve worked out all the problems. We’re working on all the solutions. Most of them we can do now and, over time, all of them help the economy. Our population growth is actually slowing down, and by the end of the century it will plateau. There’s never been a better opportunity to take control. The plan is obvious. Stop doing the damaging stuff. Roll out the new green tech and systems as they arrive; stabilize the human population as low as we fairly can. Keep hold of the natural wealth we have currently got, and in eighty years’ time, we’ll be past the worst of it. More than that, we’ll have built a world with eternal energy, clean air and water. A stable, healthy world that we can benefit from forever. So what’s stopping us? This opportunity is out of sight. Each of us is blinkered by the demands of Here and Now. Big picture. Long term. They’re not in our field of vision. That must change if we’re going to change. We now have the choice to create a planet that we can all be proud of. Our planet. The perfect of for ourselves and the rest of life on Earth. We have a plan. We know what to do. There is a path to sustainability. If enough people can see the path we may just start down it in time. – Sir David Attenborough

Certified B-Corp

Euro Brand Management’s mission is to work with organizations that are convinced and aware of the social and environmental impacts one can achieve through implementation of sustainable initiatives in their global supply chain.

They specialize in providing sustainable product and optimal service solutions in regards to packaging, transportation optimization and conforming to fast developing environmental norms and standards.

Euro Brand Management GmbH recently became a Certified B Corp! Please check back soon for more information!

FSC Certification

Munich, Germany 4 September 2018 (Press Release) – Euro Brand Management GmbH has successfully passed the procedure for certification in the field of the supply chain and trade of packaging materials and controlled wood under the Forest Stewardship Council scheme.

According to the audit report made by an independent FSC certification body, TUV NORD CERT GmbH Euro Brand Management GmbH was recognized as officially meeting the requirements of FSC-STD-40-004, V3-0, FSC®-STD-50-001 V1-2, FSC® -STD-40-003, V2-1. Certificate will be valid until 2021.

FSC certification is important for businesses focusing on providing environmentally friendly packaging products by using eco-friendly materials in processes and at global footwear factories.  Successful passing through certification once again proves that Euro Brand Management GmbH conducts ecologically, economically and socially responsible activities and supports sustainable forest conservation and management.

“10-20-30-50 years from now our generation will look back and imagine if we had not catalyzed for change what would it be like?”

L. Grosso, Founder

Euro Brand Management GmbH

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