Packaging Re-engineering

Packaging re-engineering adds value to your supply chain management.

Cost savings can be achieved in the following way:

For example, the cube and weight of the packaging can be reduced without sacrificing the integrity of the packaging.

Every square foot used for storage is a direct cost of manufacturing. Well-designed load-bearing packaging can be a good source of storage on a bare floor even without the use of a racking system.

Safety Factor
Gone are the days of designing packaging with safety factors (considering mishandling/abuse during logistics). The changing technology in material handling makes it possible to design packing (packaging?) that suits logistics conditions.

Packaging is not merely an extension of production but has engulfed its importance in the supply chain. It is no more looked at as a product but has become a part of logistics service. Hence it is necessary for manufacturing companies to start looking at packing re-engineering as a constant process for adding value to their products and eventually to the business. Packaging is no longer an end activity with the least priority that needs to be executed as a formality to push the products out. Increased necessity for safe delivery with undeterred quality of product to end customer with the optimized cost is gaining more importance for packing re-engineering.