Traceability in Leather and Footwear Sectors "Challenges and Opportunities"

Held Sunday 12 June 2022 11:00 – 12:30

Expo Riva Show Online and in presence


Traceability and transparency of raw material sourcing to end consumption in the supply chain in the fashion and footwear industry is rapidly becoming part of the norm in many organizations. Not only do they foster more sustainable practices: they also give consumers the certainty about which raw materials and components have been used and about where each manufacturing stage has been carried out. The global disruptions of the last few years and their impact on supply chains create new challenges to the system of international regulations, brands, and especially pioneering suppliers. The end-to-end solutions must come soon as UN Guidelines and the upcoming Due Diligence Law make it explicit that brands are responsible for human rights violations and the environmental impact of their supply chains.


Scientific Committee

William Wong

Member of Expo Riva Schuh Scientific Committee of Sustainability Goddess International Limited



Alberto Lampis

Strategic Sourcing Raw Materials Senior Specialist O-PM Footwear & Accessories Hugo Boss


Luigi Grosso

Founder Euro Brand Management GmbH


Kim Sena

Sustainability Manager JBS Couros

Euro Brand Management GmbH