One more reason for our planet to smile!

The new Munjoi footwear box engineered by Euro Brand Management GmbH has been tested and certified Frustration-Free Packaging by Amazon. What does this mean?

What is frustration-free packaging? Frustration-free packaging are ergonomically engineered boxes designed to ship products in their original packaging. It is a primary box and shipping box in one. It is characterized as having minimal packaging material, easy to open and strong enough to withstand the shipping environment.

Frustration-free packaging versus standard packaging.  Frustration-free packaging is designed for e-commerce shipping. The box not only contain the product and its components, it also protects so that it will reach its destination in good condition. Frustration-free packaging is also designed to be opened easily. The standard packaging on the other hand has two components, the primary box, and the box. The primary box is designed to contain the product and its components and the outer box or secondary box is used for shipping the product inside the primary box.

Why is frustration free packaging cheaper? Frustration-free packaging is smaller in size, lighter in weight which means less material and space to occupy. This means savings on packaging and shipping costs.

Why is frustration-free packaging eco-friendly? Frustration-free packaging has no outer shipping box which helps reduce waste. The material it is made of is recyclable which make it eco-friendly.  Munjoi footwear are made from plant-based materials, it is only right that its packaging will also be equally environmentally friendly.  This is one more reason for our planet to smile.

Euro Brand Management GmbH